Service - Website Design

Website Design

Back in the early 2000's one of the best ways of promoting 'stuff' was to use the Internet, we didn't have social media then but we know it was on it's in way, just didn't know what it looked like. Fast forward on to the present day and wow! the Internet has exploded, not just in how many people can access it but the way in which websites and people can view and interact.

We've done flat form websites, we're done Flash web sites but we've always had an eye for the new technologies emerging. Take the fonts and icons used on this site, all giving a website scalable icons and fonts that can instantly be customized.
E-Commerce can be catered for within any website, if you've just one or two items to offer and a whole shop full, we'll help you find a way to sell that item on the Internet.

Then there's the clever bit around SEO - Search Engine Optimization. It's not rocket science but it's also not something you do everyday. We know the simple science of SEO and how it can help in promoting your website, how it can draw people to your site. It's important, as important as the design of your website.

Service - Project Management

Project Management

Project Management has many parts and many areas of business that it touches, our experience comes from both large ICT Programmes of work through to small projects. What's similar in both is the management, communication, planning and delivery.

We've worked on large Government programmes, implementing desktops, VoIP Phones and on-line applications. We've also undertaken small projects for local business who require server, network and virus protection. We've got certificates too, PRINCE2, MSCE, Cisco; it helps to know your stuff. It all started in Production Management in the 1990's, from there our experience has grown, it's all about producing the end product, the requirement, the clients requirement.

Consultancy also plays its part; we can advice and consult on all areas of ICT for your company and with our website design department we can even cover E-commerce and promotion.

Service - Media Production

Media Production

Media Production, photo's and video, are giving greater access to showing information about your company, website or a hobby. Making an promotional video using muliple data sources can be daunting, we use the Adobe Suite of image, audio and video software to aid with this process and it's then a simple step away from Facebook, You Tube, website or even your home TV.